making a component of wood furnitureWoodworking is an expensive hobby.  It is often difficult to save money because of the need to find accurate yet inexpensive tools.  Many times the purchase of a cheap tool ends up being a complete waste.  Similarly there is a strong temptation to buy tools advertised as time savers.  However, many times these time savers simply don’t pan out.

Thrifty Wood Works attempts to balance the cost and benefit of woodworking tools.  Our in-depth product reviews are the result of hours of actual hands on work with the products.  The reviews also recognize that money matters.  As a result, we want to find the right balance between cost and quality of the product.  With our reviews you can both avoid spending too much money on over-priced products as well as wasting money on useless low quality products.

Most importantly, being thrifty is not the same as being cheap nor is an inexpensive product always thrifty.  A cheap or inexpensive tool that is inaccurate prone to breakage is nothing more than a waste of money.

Reviewed Characteristics

Each product we review is graded on five characteristics.  We believe that these characteristics taken together embody the balance between cost and quality.


The cost of the product relative to reasonable alternatives.  When comparing alternatives, the reviews include both direct replacements but also similar products that produce the same result, but which may do so in a different manner.

Ease of Use

This considers how user friendly the product is.  It looks at how the various features on the product are implemented and considers whether they could be done in a more thoughtful method.


Simple and direct, this reflects our impression about how well the product is likely to hold up over time.


Potentially the most important aspect of woodworking is accuracy.  An inaccurate tool is generally worthless.  However, if modifications or adjustments can be made to make the product more accurate, we will consider them here.


This addresses whether or not this product is necessary for the average woodworker.  Some products are so specialized that they have very little usefulness and as a result are a waste of money for most people.