Jet Lathe Stand Plans

Lathe StandFor Christmas my wife bought me a Jet 1221VS Lathe.  Jet offers a nice stand for this lathe, but I wanted to save some money and build my own.

A lathe stand needs to be narrow to allow you to stand close to the work.  I chose A-Frame style legs to accomplish this.  A lathe also needs to be heavy to resist vibrations.  To achieve this I added two “wells” on the legs which can be filled with about 100lbs of sand.

Finally, I wanted the stand to be inexpensive, so I choose to make it out of standard dimensional lumber which has been milled down to 1.25″ x 3.25″.  Basically milling off .25″ from both the width and height to make the lumber true and square.

I am also currently a fan of dowel joinery, so I am using 1/2 dowels to make the legs.  You could modify my design to use whatever joinery you prefer.

I am going to attempt a removable joint on the cross beam.  I saw it in a magazine, but sadly I can’t recall where.  The idea is to create a barrel nut.  The idea is basically to use a section of copper pipe in the cross beam to act like a barrel nut.  I will take pictures when I am done.

The stand has been designed for the 1221VS and to be about at my elbow height, 44″.  You can certainly easily modify this design to suit your height or lathe model.

Here is my SketchUp model of the Lathe Stand.  I will followup soon with pictures of the project.

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