Drilling in woodOver the years I have spent a lot of time doing general home maintenance and repair.  Periodically I would venture into small construction or remodeling projects.  As a result, I have acquired many construction grade tools.

Novice Woodworker

Recently, I decided to try my hand at woodworking.  I discovered that while I owned many similar tools.  Many of them were ill-suited for the precision required in woodworking.  So I had to start buying new equipment and replacing some of my less than accurate equipment.

Thrifty by Nature

No that isn’t an 80’s band, but I am generally thrifty by nature.  I have no problem spending hundreds of dollars for a power tool, but I hate feeling like I overspent.  It irritates me when I discover that I could have accomplished the same result with a cheaper tool.  At the same time, I recognize that cheap tools are often cheap. They often are not even worth the money you spent on them.  But I take great satisfaction in discovering that inexpensive well made tool, by the unknown manufacturer, that everyone has overlooked.

A lack of Cost Conscious Woodworkers

Often times I spend weeks researching a tool vacillating back-and-forth between different options and manufacturers.  I look at reviews, forums, and how-to websites for guidance.  But I often find that the most expensive tool is always the favored tool.  I certainly understand the nicety of high end tools.  If you can afford them, they almost always provide the best tool.

But is a $200 block plane really twice as good as a $100 block plane?  What sacrifices am I making if I select the cheaper version?  Can I live with them?

It seems that few people ever stop to answer these questions.

The Genesis of this Website

I started this website with the goal of answering these questions.  I may not have the corporate sponsorship that allows me to test hundreds of products, but when I write a review you can be sure that I have extensively used a tool.  You can also read about my review guidelines.

I also believe that I am much more comfortable with computer technology than most wood workers.  This website allows me to share these skills with the world.  This includes providing SketchUp Plans for all of my projects as well as the Rockler Price Tracker that monitors Rockler for sale items.