Night Stand – Inspired by Pottery Barn Valencia Line

img55oFor my first woodworking furniture project, I chose to make myself a night stand.  In our bedroom we have a Pottery Barn Valencia bed, so I looked at the night stand in the same product line.  The Pottery Barn version sells for $299 and looks like this:

It looks like a nice piece of furniture, but I would prefer two drawers and maybe something a little taller.  For $299 or maybe a little more, I figured I could build a similar night stand, but customize it for my own needs.  I started out by drawing up some night stand plans in Sketchup.


lMy local hardwood lumber yard is Valencia Lumber (no relation to the the Pottery Barn line).  For anyone else living in California’s San Fernando Valley, I highly recommend this lumberyard for its cleanliness and helpful staff.


I selected white soft maple mostly because the wood grain was a close match to my bed, but keep in mind I will be staining this with a dark mahogany stain.

 Tapered Legs

IMG_20141029_214357I was tempted to buy the Rockler Tapered Leg Jig, (particularly since it went on sale for $).  Instead, I opted to make my own jig, which while it looks somewhat odd, worked very well for the legs.

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