Nightstand Woodworking Plans Results

Here is the completed nightstand.  It certainly has some inspiration from the Pottery Barn version, but with my own improvements. The nightstand plans and inspiration.

Things I learned

  • Tapered legs are simple to make, yet add a lot of character to a piece
  • It can be a real pain to get “frameless” drawers flush
  • High end kitchen soft close slides are overkill for something like this, the force required to open the drawer is disproportional to the size of the nightstand
  • The water based stain that we are required to use in California is hard to work with, it will take some practice to get a good non-blotchy finish

In all, the project was a lot of fun, and the outcome is better than I could have anticipated.  I didn’t do a good job tracking the material cost or total time.  But I would estimate that it was about a wash when compared to purchasing the Pottery Barn version.

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